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Africa Fashion Roundtable talk at the House of Lords
"The event was organised by the Ethical Fashion Forum, The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Ethical Fashion and was host was the APPG representative and also MadeBy Ambassador Baroness Lola Young. Including members from both the House of Commons and the House of Lords, APPGS informally meet together in order to discuss a particular issue of concern.

I was invited to be a speaker on the panel alongside MantisWorld – who gave an overview of starting up and creating a garment factory in Africa; ASOS GreenRoom and ASOS Africa buyer – who spoke about how this initiative made a difference for the real people who made the product; Cotton Made in Africa – who highlighted the cotton story of Africa (an area very close to my heart and one of the reasons why I started Africa Fashion Guide) and Comic Relief – talking of the programs and funding available by them for enterprise projects in Africa. We were all there to tell our stories, answer questions and above all inspire and motivate attendees to the opportunities already existing and those that have made an impact to Africa’s fashion and textile industry."

Author: Jacqueline Shaw
Eingetragen von:
Cotton made in Africa
Datum: 2011/12/08
Ort: House of Lords, London/UK


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