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Beschreibung I created this page to stop the sensless Orangutan kickboxing show in Safari World/ Thailand!
Many organisations tryed to stop this, but the money greedy park mamagement always find a new way to go on! Its time to END this forewer!
Please join!!!

Adress your protest to: info@safariworld.com
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Martha savemynature:  great. will do it.
jan saver:  Urge Thailand to stop the Orangutan boxing!

Action by: Sean Whyte, Raabia Hawa & Maik Schaffer

Join us on Facebook: http://de-de.facebook.com/pages/STOP-ORANGUTAN-BOXING-AT-SAFARI-WORLD/110404638990669?ref=ts

What is this action about? Check this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8Wa2bAk24U&feature=related

Website of Safari Park: http://www.safariworld.com/oran.html

Dear friends of the Orangutan!
Its time for another Email action against Safari World in Thailand! Please send the letter below (copy/paste) to the following mail addresses (government and tourist industry) and add your personal comments if you like!

Government: webmaster@tourism.go.th, webmaster@mots.go.th, webmaster@opm.go.th, thaicabnet@soc.go.th, webmaster-eng@mof.go.th, ofm@mof.go.th, european@mfa.go.th, consular@mfa.go.th, techecon@inet.co.th, interecon@mfa.go.th, interorg@mfa.go.th, american@mfa.go.th, asean@mfa.go.th, eastasian@mfa.go.th, southasian@mfa.go.th,

CC: info@safariworld.com, info@thailandtourismus.de, info@tourismthailand.co.uk, info@tatny.com, info@thailand.net.au, tatfr@wanadoo.fr, mail@sufficiencyeconomy.org, center@tat.or.th

Subject: Holliday in Thailand

To whom it may concern.
As a keen tourist to the Asian continent, there are a few matters of grave concern to me in regards to picking Thailand as a destination for my next vacation.
As a responsible tourist, I respect the culture of the countries I visit, and I respect the laws, and the environment and wildlife are no exception to this.
Some of the "attractions" you offer your visitors worried me more than others. However, this really made my decision to travel to Thailand easy:


How can you allow for such a degrading and disrespectful treatment of your most gentle and unique wildlife? Why not allow us to see them happy with their families? This reflects very badly on Thailand as a tourist destination. I am sure you don't want this, and neither do I, but it is the sad truth, which you either are unaware of, or are clearly ignoring.

I am sorry to say, but I now find there are more reasons NOT to visit Thailand than there are to support my tour. I feel really disheartened, because I always wanted to see the floating market, and the cultural dances, and now, my heart cannot allow it anymore, until you enforce stricter laws for animal welfare and penalties for animal abuse, as it is clear to me now, that this is going on unabated, and I hope you can enforce a positive change in your legislation for you country's natural assets before it's too late. I can assure you from now, that this is not going to stay quiet. Do not underestimate the power of "word-of-mouth", after all, it is because I heard from someone, that you have lost me as a tourist. This will be spread among touring communities the world over, I have noticed it is already becoming "viral" on Facebook, which I subscribe to, and I am afraid I will be forced to write to my government and embassies and other organisations prominent in the field of animal welfare on this matter. From what I understand, you have received many emails on this issue, but there has been no change. Why is this the case? I hope to hear from you, and hear positive things, since I really maintain that I would love to visit your country.

The blatant disregard of animal welfare and plain disrespect of your country's own indigenous wildlife reflects horribly on the credibility of your tourist industry, and I assure you, from the things we are coming to learn about, you will lose not just me, but many more future tourists, who are learned, and will not support the kind of "entertainment" you are putting on show. Please, I urge you, to take action, your culture is so rich, and deserves to be seen by the rest of the world, but we cannot ignore the things we have learnt of, and this will stop us and many more from ever visiting Thailand.

I have now changed my travel destination, as I must travel this year without fail, and I am sure you cannot clean up this mess before that time. However, I will be keeping up with my research and hoping to see a change so that my friends and I can finally make a guilt-free trip to Thailand, land of many wonders...

Hoping to hear from you soon,

jan saver:  Another petition! Please sign here also!

jan saver:  Please sign the petition! Help the Orangutans NOW!

jan saver:  This time we will put an END on this.....